What is Taibola?
Let's get to know better!

Taibola is a large cultural movement in the North of Russia, an open-air festival,
a production team and international cultural projects
primarily in the Barents region

What we offer

Monumental art

For more than 8 years, we have created large-scale installations from driftwood, wood, metal and other materials in Russia and Europe. We produce art objects, murals, kinetic fire sculptures, snow and ice sculptures.

Event management & International cooperation

We organize various events from small zoom conferences to huge festivals. Our art team includes professional artists, builders, designers, videographers, PR & cultural managers. Taibola Assemble have a good experience and capacity for more!

Video production

A short film often says more than a huge book or a detailed presentation. We have been shooting various videos many years!


Creative DesignIdea

Welcome to adventure which changes your life!

Taibola is a small town with population of several thousand people which lives its own full-fledged life for three days, and also it takes almost a month to construct and deconstruct the site. We await that guests and volunteers will change social roles, gain new skills and abilities, feel joy as a result of own labor, ethnic and modern music, various workshops, unbelievable art-objects of drift-wood, cozy company and magic nature of Pomorie! All this turns Taibola into bright event which is difficult to describe!

taibola festival

taibola festival


- 6 thematic zones and more than 30 locations
- 4 scenes: main, electronic, acoustic, fire / sports
- Art objects and atmosphere of creativity
- More than 100 workshops: hand-made, artisans, sports, dancing, eco
- Competitions: kites, graphic design, art objects, art camps
- Glade of Vikings, fire show, puppet and street theaters
- Family area and eco-location
- Field cinema and free library
- Social project "Open World

We work even at the end of world!
Let us introduce Taibola Norge





Taibola Norge provides and organizes international, including Russian-Norwegian cultural projects.
Our main goal is to launch art residence Taibola House

Art Residence and Russian-Norwegian Cultural Center in Vardø

Location: Norway, Finnmark, Vardø, st. Krokgata, house 3

taibola house

- International art residence
- Guest house for friends of the project (10-15 people)
- Space for exhibitions and presentations
- Cultural, project, resource center
- Art and carpentry workshops
- Gateway to the Arctic and access to unique nature
- Center for outdoor activities, hiking and nautical tourism
- A step towards creating a network of friendly art residences in the Barents Region

taibola house

We are looking forward to seeing the Taibola House incoming!

Development plan:

- 2020. Online seminars with partners from Russia, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Scotland
- 2021. Meetings with partners in Vardø to get to know the island
- 2022. Renovation and preparation for the launch of Taibola House
- 2023. Start of cultural projects in Taibola House

taibola house

Vardø is the end of the earth, and this Norwegian town is full of meanings, legends and rich in history

Briefly about Vardø:

- land of fishermen
- foundation year: 1307
- population: ~ 2000 people
- twin cities: Arkhangelsk, Russia; Kemijärvi, Finland
- subarctic climate, average temperatures in winter -10 °, in summer + 15 °
- geographical position: 70 ° 20'36 ″ N 30 ° 51'17 ″ E
- center of witches hunting in the Middle Ages
- the Pomor capital at the beginning of the 20th century
- the center of partisan resistance during the Second World War
- a platform for large-scale street art festivals
- the headquarter of Biotope (birdwatcher movement)
- a platform for Russian-Norwegian cultural projects

taibola house

Attractions of Vardø

- Sculpture "Drakkar-Levithan"
- Vardohus Fortress
- The Pomor Museum
- Street art
- The Steilneset memorial to victims of witch trials
- Pomeranian worship cross
- Sculpture “Fishermen. Holding the Light"
- Birdy spots and bird watching verandas
- Northern Lights, Barents Sea, arctic nature

TAIBOLA.WORKSHOP - When the dreams come true

- Festival warehouse, place of collection and storage of building materials
- Workshop for creation of large-scale objects
- Location for experiments and mastering new technologies
- Taibola Assemble headquarters in Severodvinsk (Russia)

TAIBOLA.HUB is the future of our movement

- International projects and mini-festival from the Taibola Assemble all over the world
- Launch of the project 2025-2030
- Geographical spread: Russia, Norway, Europe, the world

Any ideas for collaboration? Write to us!